About Us

“I found my passion in helping others to heal themselves”

Carolyn – Founder of Makutchen organics

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Our story

It was my own healing journey which inspired me to create a range of natural, organic fermented vegetables using traditional lacto-fermetation methods.

It was perfect timing as others started to explore and re-discover the knowledge from more than 2000 years ago by Hipprocrates who was quoted saying

 ” food is medicine” and “All disease begins in the gut”.

In 2013 Makutchen Organics Australia was born and soon after Makutchen Probiotics  was started by my family in NZ.

Our fermented vegetables are small-batched so you get the most probiotic benefit with every serving. We have taken our family’s background in produce and combined it with our family’s tried and tested recipes to offer Aussies and kiwis a delicious way to improve their gut health.

The most important ingredient we add is time. A healthy fermentation process requires patience, monitoring and the right environment to make sure the healthy probiotics in the food thrive.

We are continually working with our growers, production team and most importantly with you (our customers) to ensure we are delivering the most genuine traditionally fermented vegetables. 

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