About Us

“I found my passion in helping others to heal themselves”

Carolyn – Founder of Makutchen organics

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Our story

The love of fermented products came from my own personal experience of healing my gut and a long term mental health issue by changing my diet and adding these foods and drinks. 

I am producing and sharing the products I believe were the most beneficial to my improved health and well-being.

We are what we eat and we have the power to aid the body to heal through changing lifestyle and most importantly the food we eat.

“Food is medicine.“  Hippocrates.

Makutchen organics was born in 2012 enabling me to share a range of sauerkraut with others. Later on Kombucha tea and kombucha tea brewing kits were added to the range. Recently bone broth and gut shots.

The name? Well lets just say in MY KUTCHEN I WASN’T JUST COOKING FUSH AND CHUPS anymore.

Also named in honour of my Great Grandfather, Eccles McCutchen, second generation New Zealander from Ireland who through his healthy lifestyle lived to 100 years old.

The business was also started in NZ, 6 months later by family members who also had experienced improved health from using the fermented foods. My Dad was able to go of all his medication, heart and blood pressure tablets and at age 91 years old is still healthy and going strong.

As a family we became passionate about producing the best quality product.

Using locally grown organic vegetables and traditional wild fermentation methods, meaning no starters are added, we have succeeded in producing the most natural product possible.

The product is non-pasteurised and therefore alive and active, full of trillions of healthy bacteria.

Our mission was to be true to our product and also our customers by providing a personal service to ensure confidence in the product.

Our team ensures to be as organic and sustainable as we can, using locally sourced produce and ingredients. We re-use our glass where possible and compost all our food waste.

We hope you enjoy using our products and that you have happiness and health in life!

Makutchen Organics
Makutchen Organics